Artist and environmental activist

Manda's practice intersects artistic process, the sciences, and community engagement through material investigation, research, and environmental/biological content. Central themes to the work include:  Conservation, Mammalian Lineage, Paleontology, Taphonomy (the study of the processes by which an organism is buried, decays and becomes fossilized), Decomposition, and Re-purposed Found Objects. She further explores and questions the process of artmaking itself in relation to content and context.

The studio has become laboratory to research and experiment with materials. Manda makes her own encaustics, oyster concrete, and handmade papers, while also using local small business oil paints and citrus oil thinner. Honey, fair trade coffees, curbside found objects, non-point source pollution from hikes and beach cleanups, cleaned bone from deceased animals, and charcoal/graphite make up the list of materials in use. The evolution of the studio practice is ongoing, seeking to make the creation of the piece a little more earth-friendly, while trying not to compromise the integrity of the art. Not a perfect practice, but a journey to research and share studio experimentation and affects on the art and environment.

Manda received a Master of Science in Arts Administration for Non-Profits from Drexel University. Her thesis research explored the role of art in the global climate change movement through artist and scientist interviews across the United States and Europe. Research included the need, barriers, artist/scientist relationship, funding, and impact of art that addresses climate change. 

She also holds a BFA in Painting, with a minor in Art History, from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University and a BS in Ecology & Evolution, with a minor in Evolutionary Anthropology, from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University.

Manda is Executive Director and co-founder of Frontline Arts, a NJ-based non-profit arts organization. Our mission is to ignite awareness of critical issues and encourage public involvement by supporting socially engaged artists and projects, with a focus on participatory art, to connect and build communities and amplify marginalized voices.

She is an active freelance grant writer and non-profit consultant for the arts sector.


Photo Credit:  Maxim Ryazansky